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2016, episode #6 : A year of metamorphosis.

2016 at NETCO Group was a quite a year. Episode #6 of our saga, enabling us with our clients, associates and colleagues, to take a great new step towards achieving POPCORN, our vision for 2025. Clients hoisted us aboard in their development, as loyal as ever. New clients and new companies with their associates, teams and own clients have joined the NETCO group family. We have seen the arrival of two new cities and several dozen new talented people in Paris and Brussels… And so this completes a year of metamorphosis at NETCO Group.

Basically, only our old website (saying it politely) hasn’t changed because we haven’t done anything to make it change. So here’s a temporary page to mark the start of our working on the subject.

Just a sign or a gesture for now. A first step.
The others will follow soon! ;-)


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